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Free mesh heads in Second Life: Genesis Lab

It is possible to own a mesh head when you are broke in Second Life. Or even if you want to start slow! Free mesh heads are rare but they exist. It is limited in features of course, not always bento (special face animations, not a japanese meal), quality is not always perfect. But I offer to show you what I find and test. 

Genesis Lab 3 Free mesh heads (not bento, Group gifts)

Joining Genesis Lab group is free. The 3 free mesh heads are called Kenna, Lara and Makena. These are old models (2016), but you can find it suits your needs! It is free so let’s try it on, shall we? Mesh eyes and ears are included. Along with a simple customizing hud for eyebrow, hairbase, lashes, lipstick, moles, eyes colors.

Genesis Lab Free mesh heads Genesis Lab Free mesh heads

The only issue I find with these free mesh heads is the flatness of the eyes. The eye lids are flat. The skin is creating the illusion but when you look from a side, you see this eye flatness.
Genesis Lab Makena :
Genesis Lab Free mesh heads Makenna Genesis Lab Free mesh heads Makenna

Genesis Lab Lara :
Genesis Lab Free mesh heads LaraGenesis Lab Free mesh heads Lara

Genesis Lab Kenna :
Kenna is my favorite. Many customizations available and those huge lashes hide the flatness of the eyes!

Genesis Lab Free mesh heads Kenna

Genesis Lab Free mesh heads Kenna

Genesis Lab Free mesh heads Kenna

You can also fetch some cosmetic appliers (skins & make-up) among the available group gifts.

Wearing: FABIA Mesh Hair <Sam> unisex (free gift) / [WellMade] Zelie Romper (free group gift)

Taxi to Genesis Lab free mesh heads here !

Did you try these heads? Do you like them? I am very found of Kenna! What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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