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Tip: Head and body skin are not matching

A quick tip. If you cannot apply the same skin color to your head and body, there is a quick and easy solution in Second Life.

Wear a choker necklace or a neck scarf above the seam of your neck!

Neck sheath provided with mesh body parts are not always perfect. Free mesh parts users know that it is hard to find matching skin colors and setting up the skin color tones with numbers is very hard. So, just hide the seam on your neck, or arms and legs if you wear mesh feet/hands (put bracelets on!).

Here is a choker you can find for free 0L$ on the marketplace by Corvus, here.

Tip hide neck skin color choker

Wearing : Exile:: Calm Sea hair (50L$ Friday) / Corvus : Cross Choker Gift / Seniha. Tropical Retro Dress Group gift

And here is a mesh neck scarf gifted for 1L$ also on marketplace here by Asteria Full Perm.

Tip hide neck skin color scarf

Wearing : Exile:: Calm Sea hair (50L$ Friday) / Asteria Full Perm – Mesh Scarf / MONOMANIA – Tropicalia dress

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