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Free mesh heads in Second Life

Yes, free mesh heads exist!

You can afford it! On marketplace, in creator’s stores inworld, as limited time group gifts… there are many ways to search and find free mesh heads, even bento heads. And I will send you more info about free mesh heads soon!

For example, now there is a free bento mesh head as a group gift at Akeruka store. It is called Kumiko, and it is a full version head, all usual features included, all skins (regular skins and bodies appliers) included! The group entering fee is 150L$. You should stay in this group in order to receive skins sometimes. 150L$ is not much for a full bento head, right?

Akeruka Free bento mesh head

Here is a little preview of this head, its animations and make up. I wear the included shape, I only reduced the size of the eyes, a little too anime for my tastes!

akeruka free bento mesh head kumiko

akeruka free bento mesh head kumiko

akeruka free bento mesh head kumiko

akeruka free bento mesh head kumiko

akeruka free bento mesh head kumiko

My outfit and hair from last week’s 50L friday.

Free skin applier for your free head

akeruka free mesh head Egozy free skin appliers

Tired of the default skin on this head ? Or maybe it does not suit your desires… You can find freebie skin appliers!

This free skin (Akeruka head applier + body appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, TMP, Omega, Slink + regular system skins) is a gift from Egozy on Marketplace. 0L$ for : 6 lipsticks and 1 skin (I am wearing Fair tone here) for AK head (all body tones included, all head tones sold separately but for 0L$ too), different eyebrows, no eyebrows option. It says in the description that there are Eyeshadows included but there are none. I’m sure it is a mistake in the description and it will be corrected soon (or eyeshadows will be added ?).

Porcelain, PaleLight fair, Fair, Tan and Golden. 6 skin tones !

friday Regina Platforms

And those Friday platforms with socks that I adore <3

Let’s sum this up :

[Akeruka] Kumiko Bento Head NEW GEN + shape + many skin tones

Egozy.Coco free skins and lipsticks for Akeruka

Outfit from past 50L Fridays : Friday Regina Platforms / LAZYBONES – Lace Up Shirt Dress – Purple / Exile:: Into the Sky hair / neck.wrap tied


What do you think about this head? Isn’t it great? Tintable eyebrows, hairbase, various make-up options, and eyebrows too! A few animation (3 blinking speeds, talking animation, mouth pout…). Also Egozy’s skins! Tell me what you think!

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