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Freebies sections in creators’ stores

When you are new to Second Life, a good advice is to look into fashion blogs online, and search for freebies. Free items are offered by creators in Second Life in their stores or in special event locations. Some creators even keep a freebie section in their main store, like Sn@tch or Bare Rose that I am introducing here. I tend to avoid freebie centers. Often ugly spamming places with poor content and annoying marketing policies.

What am I wearing ?

Group gift 0L$ : Lelutka hair (free group, no fee to enter)

  • [LeLutka]-DUCHESS HOLIDAY set GIFT – Hair and hat (meshes)

Freebies (0L$) :

Default Avatar :

  • Amy – Shoes (mesh) / Maria – Skin, shape and lashes / Elisabeth – Glasses (mesh)

Location of the pictures :

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