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How to get money in Second Life?

As a newbie, you are discovering this world. You see many things for sale, you do not have money. Yet !

Rent a land parcel on a sim, upload pictures, buy clothes and stuff, … Second Life is better with a little money: Linden Dollars. You do not want a premium account or would like to discover first? How to earn money? There are many ways. I am introducing you some ways to make money today in SL.

Money chairs

Basically, you sit on a chair for a certain amount of time, and receive the promised money at the end. Sometimes to make sure that you are not afk, you may receive a pop up that you have click or answer questions. This is a way to generate traffic in Second Life places. It is similar to Lucky chairs, that rewards your time with a prize (objects, hair, clothes, skins, any type of gift). Money chairs are not as common as they used to be. It rewards very little money. If you cross path with a money chair, you are free to experience and give me a feedback in the comments!


You can find a job in Second Life, to earn an income, commissions and/or tips.

In clubs or any events, managers are recruiting dancers, hosts (entertain a crowd, promote your event), DJs (entertain a crowd playing music, mixes), bouncers/security agents (watch for griefers/trolls, like a moderator on a website), managers (to manage all this workforce) and even strippers (in strip clubs obviously), escorts (roleplay in sex clubs for example). If you have the skills and/or the experience, you can probably apply to this kind of jobs.

second life jobs host club
Host in a club (Synthetik Bunker club example)
second life jobs dj
DJ (HeadHunter’s Island DJ booth example)

In the fashion industry, there are also plenty of second life models. There are usually technical skills to understand when you apply to a model job. Knowledge is often required about editing your outfit, make it fit your avatar, editing your avatar (shape) and of course how to use poses, animations, the devices playing those animations, like a fashion show catwalk or beauty pageant… You can learn all those skills in a model agency training course, there are several agencies, academies, schools were you can fetch more information. This is serious model work, maybe one day you will become Miss or Mister SL!

second life jobs model photographer
Model or photographer (Luna Fatale photographer set example)

Roleplay lands will often search for non playing characters or specific roles needs to be played at certain times, during events for example. You can apply for Roleplay characters if you are used to roleplay universe.

In the creation industry, you can help creators by becoming an assistant (help a content creator for example in finding events to apply, or partnerships… all kind of stuff), or a CSR (customer service will answer customers’ questions for a store owner for example).

Real Estate

You can sell land in Second Life, residential and commercial parcels need workers here too ! Land baron, estate manager, sales representative… many companies hire workforce. You think you are a good salesman/saleswoman? Maybe try this opportunity to enlarge your experience and discover how SL real estate work.


In both worlds, RL and SL, people are looking for counseling from experts. You are a fashion queen, become a personal shopper! You feel like you can help grow a brand, why not apply for marketing jobs…

You are not a creator, but you are good at decorating using others creations, and put up together decor scenes to make a unique looking setting? You may want to offer indoor and outdoor landscaping services!

Example of landscaping in Second Life:

Create and sell

Second Life is a world made by its residents for its residents. You have ideas, feel inspired? So, why not create stuff and sell them? Nowadays, it is easy to sell your creations on the Marketplace. You can start a company just like this. Here are a few categories of content creators in Second Life : builder or modeller (house, furniture, mesh clothes and decor maker), texture artist (drawing textures for decor, avatar skin, particles, water, ground…), fashion designer (creating clothes and accessories), scripter (program scripts systems in LSL), animator (creating poses and animations), photographer (or graphic designer, take and edit photographs for fashion, people, events, lands, magazines) 

Employment forum

If you want to find a quick job, or just be curious about jobs in Second Life, please see the Employment forum on SL forums, where people put their offers to hire someone.

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