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Free mesh feet for new Second Life residents under 30 days old

Better bare feet, mesh feet with hud controller that you can find for free (0L$) if you are a newbies under 30 days old at this place.

You will land in a “special” mall, full of bright colors and not so tasteful items sold everywhere. But do not worry, I am guiding you. See the huge mesh bare feet with sandals and the green “mesh” word written on the wall? This is the store we want to go at. Look at the right corner of that shop, and find the box on the floor, with yellow hovering text above it saying “SPECIAL NEWBIE GIFT!! Limitation for 30 days after birth“. OKAY, you got it, now simply click this box to receive your bare feet and follow instructions when you try them on, explanations are in the package.

Free bare mesh feet for new Second Life users under 30 days old

SL Marketplace freebies

I took a look on the marketplace for freebies. I found tons of interesting items ! Free mesh clothes and accessories, poses, AOs… I will share it all with you !

I wanted to go bare feet on the beach, my new mesh toes in the SL sand ! I found this Knotty beach place with nice cliffs and waves. I played with my windlight settings and used a foggy set (WL sky: Bryn Oh’s Condos in Heaven sky #2, WL Water: Nacon’s Lake Water).

What am I wearing?

Freebies from Market place (0L$): SL Marketplace

  • :::GHETTO STYLE ::::  Lipsticks  Bia Rose (here)
  • AG. Illusion Eyes / Grey (here)
  • Addams // FREEBIE  // Heart Cut Back Tank Top (here)
  • Corvus : Cross Choker Gift (here)
  • Iffyta Samis Solids Booty Mesh Jean Shorts (here)
  • Overlow Poses – Poses Gifts 3 (here)
  • Overlow Poses – Poses Gifts 4 (here)

Group gift 0L$:

Default Avatar :

  • Elizabeth – Glasses / Maria – Lashes & Skin / I customized Maria’s shape

Location of the pictures :

Hard to tint mesh bare feet

What do you think about those bare feet? Not so bad in my opinion, a little hard to match my legs, but easy to hide the intersection with those ankle bracelets. And finding a color matching my skin tone was not that hard, I just had to find a windlight setting as neutral as possible, take a snapshot like this picture on the left, and then pick the color with an image editing software. The hud let me give it the RGB codes of my color and store this. And I can edit my feet nails with this hud, so those simple bare feet are good, no? Let me know what you think about these mesh feet in the comment section !

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