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Ultimate under 30 days freebies list

A listing for new Second Life users’ gifting programs

I was looking for “under 30/60/90 days” residents offerings and did not find many, the informations were all over internet, not in one place. And many offers are old, I’m talking about 10 years old fashion. So, it is time to help, and this listing may help many persons. I do not want new Second Life avatars to think Second Life is a messy and ugly place. With experience, we know we can have amazing apparel, find great quality furniture, visit stuning places. So here is a list I am going to update with Newbies programs and under 30/60/90 days free gifts.

It is organized by categorie of product, newbie program name and locations with links and example of what you get in a blog post linked.

Please contact me for any suggestion. If you found a newbie program or interesting goods for new users, feel free to let me know and I will surely publish it and add your treasures to the list !

Clothes for women

Freebies4Newbies program : under 30 days old

Clothes for men

(Coming soon)

Skins, shapes and make-up

(Coming soon)

Mesh body parts

Mesh Better Bare Feet (box on the floor here, explanations here)


AO :

Poses :


(Coming soon)

If you have things to add to this list,
please feel free to comment below!

(last update : 19 april 2018)

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