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Newbie under 30 days research, FREEBIES for NEWBIES program

I have searched on many Second Life blogs, there are plenty of information about free gifts everywhere, but not a place to list “under 30/60/90 days residents” freebies gifts.

Under 30 days old ? FREEBIES for NEWBIES

So I did my research, and found this first program called “Under 30 days old ? FREEBIES for NEWBIES” at Kastle Rock Couture.

(walk inside the store, and turn on the right, it is on the wall)
Walk inside the store Kastle Rock Couture, and turn on the right, it is on the wall

Click the sign on the wall, you receive a notecard “Instructions (English/Deutsch)” and an object named “Freebies4Newbies Vouchers – wear me“. Read the instructions first :

“First you need to wear the “purse” of vouchers that went into your Objects folder. (Right click and select “add”)
Touch (left click) the purse and accept the folder it gives you.
Open each notecard and view the offer of that particular store.
Use the Landmark (LM) inside the card to go to that location.”

Let’s wear the purse then. You find it in your Inventory, inside the “Objects” folder. Right click on this object, and select “add” (why add and not wear ? because “wear” can replace another attachment you already wear on this attachment point (hand ? head? you do not know before you wear it). So it is safer to select “add”). The purse appears. You left click on this purse, and you receive a new folder “Freebies4Newbies Vouchers – wear me” (yes, same name as the purse object) in your Inventory. As you can see, there are notecards in this folder, for each store participating in the program for newbies. You open a notecard and go to visit the store by clicking on a Landmark (LM for short). But first, stay at Kastle Rock Couture, you can use your first voucher here !!

Voucher ? Gift card ?

WARNING : Once you receive a gift card, you will never be able to receive it again, so be careful and do NOT decline the gift card.

At Kastle Rock Couture, you will be given a 500L$ gift card. To get your gift card, click on the box on the floor in front of the sign “Under 30 days old ? FREEBIES for NEWBIES” we clicked on the wall. If you are older than 30 days, you will not be able to get a gift card. That’s the rule !

How old am I ?

Not sure how old you are ? Check your avatar‘s age in your profile (software menu “Me” > “Profile”) and click on the “About” tab. See your SL birthdate (we call this your rezday) there and do the math.

Ok, I am ready to shop for freebies !

You are still officially a newbie under 30 days resident ? Great, let’s shop !

After clicking on the box on the floor in front of the sign “Under 30 days old ?”, you receive a gift card from the store you are visiting. Wear your gift card (Right click on it in inventory, and wear or add). Most of the time, it appears as a new interface on your screen (HUD).


This Hud will talk to you in Chat, most importantly to keep you updated on what’s left of your gift card. Because you will be able to buy several items when the amount is big. For example here in Kastle Rock, with 500L$ you can buy 3 items or more (depending of what you buy). You may not be able to use your gift card entirely, because when you have 50L$ left on the card and the cheaper item is sold 75L$, you would need to complete the payment with real Linden Dollars and you do not have any (or do you ?). Just so you know.

Under 30 days old resident gift card… what do I do with 500L$ ?

Yeah ! It’s time to spend that money ! We are in Kastle Rock, so let’s use their gift card first ! There are instructions how to use the gift card in the gift card folder you received. Each gift card system may change from a store to another. So just read carefully the infos and do as you are being told !

I bought myself a purple lace gown for special occasions, a casual outfit with mini skirt and knee-high boots, and a little red mesh dress. I had a few L$ to pay the extra money needed to spend all my gift card. Please let me know in the comments what you gifted yourself !

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