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Under 30/60/90 Days Residents : newbies gifts in Second Life

Hello new resident of Second Life !

You land in a complex world, you have been given an avatar (this is your character) but feel free to change your appearance ! Clothes, hair, skin, shape, eyes, accessories… you can change this all, and thanks to many creators, you can choose from quality apparel to find something that suits your tastes.

Lost ? You don’t understand what I am talking about ? See this little glossary about Second Life terms and vocabulary !

What is “Under 30/60/90 days residents” ?

Creators sometimes decide to give for free gift cards to use in their store, so newbies can afford quality apparel when they are “young”, meaning, in their early days. If you created your account more than 30/60/90 days ago, you cannot apply anymore for these nice gifts.

So I decided to list in this blog what I discover, with links to their locations.

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